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        When growing chives, beautiful light purple flowers show their pretty faces in early winter. Using these pretty blooms with natures other ingredients to create a fabulous Vinaigrette! (The flowers are also good in soups, salads and with cream cheese)



10 Chive Flowers

1 Mason Jar or Pretty Jar

1 Cup White or Champagne Vinegar

1 Teaspoon Honey

4 to 6 Ounces Extra Virgin Olive Oil



1. Wash chive flowers thoroughly in cold water and dry. Bugs can easily hide inside the flowers, so wash well.

2. Place flowers in very clean decorative jar or bottle. Fill up with vinegar. Store in dark place up to three weeks. However, all depending on your preference, you can do the rest of this in one week if you have achieved enough flavor and color.

3. Shake contents and add honey until thoroughly mixed. Stream in olive oil and mix well.

4. Store in mason jar, not refrigerated. It will keep for several weeks.

In the 1800's, children of all ages didn't have the toys and pass-times of today. Besides the classic hide-n-seek, stick ball and other games under the sunny sky . . . the young were also encouraged to hone their crafty and creative skills by using items found around the home such as left overs from the garden, kitchen or odds and ends in their mother's sewing baskets. Many of these crafts and skills would eventually serve them well into adulthood.


      Wind a ball of any kind of

yarn around a rectangle piece of

cardboard several times. You

can wind it lengthwise or

widthwise, depending on how

large you want your doll. Cut

through one end of the yarn to create several pieces of yarn.

      Gather a small ball, about 1 inch in length, at the spot where the strands of yarn are folded in half. Use a small piece of yarn to tie off this section, creating the doll's head.

    Separate two sections of yarn from each side of the doll. These will become the arms. Use small pieces of yarn to tie off the arms in two different spots, near the middle of the bundle and toward the end to create hands. Gather the remaining yarn into a bundle and tie off about a 1-inch section for the body.

     If creating a boy doll, split the remaining yarn into two sections and tie off with small pieces of yarn to create the legs. Tie once near the middle of each bundle and once near the end of each bundle.

    If creating a girl doll, leave the remaining yarn hanging for her skirt.


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